Far West Staffing Services is pleased to announce the appointment of our company’s next President, Michele Genet! With decades of experience and a determined commitment to growth, Michele is the perfect leader to step into this role.  

Having worked on both sides of Far West’s business portfolio, Michele knows how to adeptly balance the needs of both our client partners and talent. Michele sets high standards for her teams and her hands-on approach and support maximizes the potential for success.

Michele’s role as President will be a multi-faceted evolution of her role as VP of Operations. Michele will continue to expand Far West’s position in the staffing market by increasing open positions with existing clients, while developing new prospects in all of our current target industries. She will continue to prioritize customer relationships by working toward flexible solutions to their short and long-term needs. Michele’s years of experience will lend a hand in the locating and development of exceptional talent all around the country. Michele will also be responsible for the overall financial growth of Far West, HR compliance, customer relations, networking and talent acquisition, a position she is more than capable of handling.

Between her industry experience, management skillset, and devotion to the team, it is clear that Michele will make a fantastic President of our company. Beyond her resumé, Michele will shine in this role because of her unique and impressive ability to build trust and gain the confidence of others. Michele brings out the best in every team and individual she works with, and we are thrilled to watch her excel in this new role.