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Have you ever wondered if a travel assignment in healthcare might be right for you? At Far West Staffing Services, our team specializes in matching candidates with their dream on-demand roles – many of which are location-based! If you’re curious to learn if this could be your next career adventure, read on to take our quiz.  


  • Select answers to questions 1-5. 
  • Count up your scores in each category of A, B and C. 
  • Share your results.

Let’s get started: 

1. How do you feel about a potential job that would require you to perform routines in one set location environment for a year or more? 

A: With my personality, this sounds like a recipe for work fatigue.  

B: I like consistency, but a shake-up in my routine is nice every once and a while too.  

C: This sounds like my dream job. I like to always know what is coming next, especially when it pertains to my working environment.  


2. When you travel for leisure, what do you spend most of your time doing? 

A: Diving into the local culture by trying new foods, exploring shops and visiting sites.  

B: I like to start my trips with adventures and end them with rest and relaxation.  

C: I am in my happy place on the beach with zero plans on the horizon. 


3. At this point in your career, how do you feel about networking? 

A: Building new professional relationships is particularly important to me. Connecting with others in my career field makes me feel motivated and productive.  

B: I like networking and know it’s good for my career, but I don’t often have the opportunity to expand my contacts list – and I’m not sure where to start.  

C: I feel settled in my career and satisfied with my current list of contacts and professional relationships. 


4. How do you feel about where you currently live? 

A: I’m ready for a change (especially after the last two years!) and am hoping to move soon. 

B: I like where I live, but I don’t have plans to live here forever.  

C: I love where I live and would prefer to remain a resident here for the extended future. 


5. Which of the following matters the most to you and your career? 

A: New experiences and opportunities to learn in new environments. 

B: Job security. 

C: Being close to home. 


So, how did you do? Count your scores for how many times you answered with A, B and/or C.  

  • If you selected mostly A’s, travel employment is likely the next best type of employment for you! You’re drawn to the excitement of new adventures and would thrive in a travel on-demand employment environment.  
  • If you selected mostly B’s, you might not have considered travel employment before, but it could very possibly be a perfect fit for you at this stage in your career. With a focus on job stability while keeping an open mind for new opportunities, you will find lots to offer in this type of employment.  
  • If you selected mostly C’s, it’s likely that the roles closer to home would be more up your alley. You feel comfortable in the familiar, and luckily there are plenty of on-demand jobs without travel required that you’d probably be a great match for. 


No matter how the scores tallied up, be sure to let us know your results, and check out our job listings page to see what roles are currently available. Our team at Far West is ready to help connect you to the job where you’ll feel most fulfilled in your career in 2022. Whether that’s with a traveling position or something closer to where you live, we’re here to help you get working.  


Get your next career adventure started now by visiting our jobs page and sharing your resume.