By Michele Genet

The pandemic has taught us a lot. Two key lessons we’ve learned in the staffing industry are the value of essential roles and that people want to work in meaningful jobs.  

 Both of these factors played into what became the Great Resignation, which saw more than 40 million workers leave their jobs last year – and the count hasn’t slowed in 2022. Many of those workers resigned from essential roles, or jobs with functions that are critical for an organization to operate.  

Did you recently leave an essential role? Or are you wondering if it’s time to find your next job? If so, I encourage you to ask yourself three important questions about your work: 

1. Do you want a job that makes you feel good at the end of the day?

One trend that emerged from the Great Resignation is that people are looking for meaningful work, not just a job. 

 During the pandemic, we’ve seen how valued medical providers and the healthcare industry are. At Far West Staffing Services, we hire for hospital roles, specifically for biomeds who take care of the critical and sophisticated healthcare devices that providers use to treat and diagnose their patients. Remember the fears over a shortage of ventilators when COVID-19 cases were first rising in spring 2020? Biomeds were working around-the-clock to keep the limited numbers of ventilators operational and ready to provide life-or-death care. 

Biomedical technicians are essential to providing mission-critical medical care, allowing you to find a meaningful role in the healthcare industry if direct patient care isn’t your calling.

2. Do you want a job that can evolve into a career?

The No. 1 reason individuals cited for leaving their jobs was pay, with 63% saying both low pay and little room for advancement were factors in their decisions.  

Because we know compensation is important, Far West Staffing Services provides avenues into roles that can grow into life-long professions. For example, we hire workers and managers with the unique skills required for healthcare construction, a sector that has recently resurged after a pause in the first year of the pandemic. 

Many of those jobs are in California, which operates with unique parameters for hospital construction and requires those in this specialized industry to meet stringent requirements. The upside is that construction companies will invest in their workers to gain those skills, and individuals who master new capabilities and earn designated certifications can move up the ladder. 

We’re here when you are ready to use those expanded talents to move into a new job with additional responsibility and higher pay. 

3. Do you want to work for a company where you are valued?

Sometimes you are doing the kind of work that you love, but you’re not happy coming to work each day. The problem isn’t the job, but the organization or the people on your team. That happens, and it’s OK to want to find another place that lets you bring your best self to work. 

At Far West Staffing Services, we help hiring managers find the candidate who is the right fit, because we know people can complete training to acquire the right skills. If you simply don’t feel like you fit in where you’re currently working, contact us. 

We can help you find a place where you love to work, continuing to do the job you love – and leave you with no regrets. 

Time to Pursue Your Dream Job 

This is a great time to explore the right career and right organization for you. If you answered “yes” to even one of the above questions, start exploring job moves that could make you happier. We’re here to help. 

Contact the Far West Staffing Services team to get started.