By Cristina Chavez

At Far West, we take pride in finding the perfect talent to fit our clients’ open roles. And with the growing need for our staffing services, we put ourselves in the client seat in 2021 as we hired a new team member to assist with operations management.

With more than 10 years of administrative, human resources and customer service experience, Cristina Chavez joined the Far West Staffing Services team at just the right time. A life-long learner, she quickly jumped in to understand all the ins and outs of our organization and the industries we serve, and – within just a year  – she earned a promotion to operations manager.

Our network of talent and clients agree that Cristina’s bright spirit and can-do attitude have been an invaluable asset to our team, and we’re grateful to have her on board. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about Cristina!


Name: Cristina Chavez

Role: Operations Manager

Career Path: I initially went to school for a degree in communications and PR but didn’t end up pursuing a career in that field. This ultimately ended up being the right choice for me because it allowed me to work and grow within office roles where I could pick up new skill sets and explore the parts of the business world that intrigued me most. In 2020, I took all these experiences with me back to school, where I studied to earn my Human Resources Management certificate. Shortly after that, a friend sent me a link to the Far West job posting.

A Typical Day Looks Like: Emails … lots and lots of emails! Along with communicating with clients and talent daily, I also help manage operational items like expenses, travel itineraries, timesheets and invoices.

Favorite Things to Do Outside of Work? I love reading, working on jigsaw puzzles and visiting Disneyland. But if I’m being totally honest, most of my spare time is really just spent hanging out with my dog, Ringo.

Most Important Skills You Bring to the Job? If you’d asked me this question a year ago, I probably would have said time management and task prioritization. And those skills are extremely important. But over the last year, I’ve realized an equally critical skill that I bring to this job: communication. Being able to talk to our clients and talent on a real, human level is a testament to my years of experience in customer service, and I’ve found a lot of professional fulfillment in being a resource for these folks by being in touch every day of the week.

Top 3 Travel Destinations: I’d have to say Venice, Italy (for the historic architecture and beautiful canals); Prague, Czech Republic (because it is the most otherworldly destination I’ve ever visited); and Paris, France (where I got engaged!).

Biggest Professional Success? Getting promoted within a few months at Far West has been my greatest career accomplishment. And getting feedback from technicians saying I’ve helped them also makes me feel like I’m making a difference, which is just priceless.

Why Far West?: After earning my HR Management certificate, I was looking for a change in my environment and industry. I knew that wherever I went to work next, I would want to stay there for a while. And when I had the opportunity to meet with Michele Genet here at Far West, I had an immediate gut feeling of knowing this was the right place for me to be. We hit it off immediately, and her personality was a great match for mine. I’m grateful to be here and look forward to continuing to grow with this team!

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