By Michele Genet

Even in my home of Southern California, sunny skies give way to crisp air when fall arrives – and that means football. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and, as you’d likely expect, I’m a big Los Angeles Rams fan.

What might surprise you, however, is how many lessons we can take from the football field to win at recruiting. Making the right plays along the way can help hiring managers build a formidable team that hits every organizational goal you set.

  1. Touchdowns mean everything.

A touchdown is the true money play because it earns the most points. In recruiting, a touchdown is that perfect fit hire.

If you’re lucky, you’ll land the No. 1 draft pick who meets every qualification and fulfills their responsibilities to the letter. But know that the individual doesn’t have to be a star; you want team players who can seize an opportunity in the moment and run with it. Think of a defensive lineman who blocks the opponent’s field goal attempt and locks in the win.

Hiring the right people to mesh with your existing team is how you score with a new hire. Just like coaches shuffle players into different positions and prepare them for those new responsibilities, you can take your people – who should all be working as one team toward one goal – and train them to master new or different job functions.

  1. Effective coaching guides effective playing.

I can’t say this enough. You want to build a team where every employee knows what is expected and has the skills and support to move the ball forward. That starts with encouraging your players to work as a team, helping to draw out each other’s best moves and to protect them when they feel the pressure. (Just like an O-lineman might grow apprehensive in the face of an outsized linebacker, your team will need guidance when dreading a hot deadline.)

As a manager, consider yourself both coach and quarterback. Feel free to call an audible as you see how things are unfolding on the playing field that is your office. Take time to study how your employees are getting the job done, just like coaches spend time studying game film. You’ll likely find some areas that could be improved, so use those important insights to write the best job descriptions to bring in players who can close those gaps.

  1. Avoid the penalties that set you back – or give your competition an advantage.

Hiring someone who can’t follow the rules of the game or your team’s own playbook are liabilities that cause you to lose ground. Don’t shortcut the rules, and not just because the referees are always watching.

When you’re preparing to hire, be sure to identify any core credentials and certifications that are “must haves” in filling that role. For example, you need people with designated training in highly regulated industries, including Healthcare Technology Management and hospital construction.

  1. Never underestimate the impact of your special teams.

On the gridiron, special teams include players with very defined talents on both sides of the ball. Maybe they have the eye and football IQ to receive a kickoff or punt and swerve through opposing player traffic to the end zone. Maybe their high vertical leap and impeccable timing makes them your best bet to block a field goal.

In recruiting, your special teams are your staffing agencies. These organizations have the unique skills and talents to pinpoint exactly what your team needs and how to fill those specific gaps through hiring. They complement your conventional game with key plays that help you score with the right talent on offense and defense.

We’ll help you play your best game.

Far West Staffing Services knows the value of finding the right candidate who can elevate your team’s work. We’re ready for the handoff to help you build your team.

Far West also helps you hire for specialty roles in high-risk fields. With deep internal experience in both of HTM and construction, we find talented people who understand those requirements or can be trained to augment their skills to meet the latest job needs.

Of course, everyone wants a new hire who can take the game-opening kickoff and run back for a score, but those are rare plays. What’s more important is that you have team players who are in the game from kickoff until that final whistle. You’ll undoubtedly want people who are hungry to score and protect your organization from the competition. But you need to ensure that everyone is working together toward your shared goal line.

The countdown to game time is already running. Contact us now to get started.