By Michele Genet

When your organization needs help hiring the right talent in a pinch, partnering with a staffing agency can feel like the next logical step.

But what comes after that?

While recruiting agencies such as Far West can take a staffing assignment and run with it, be aware of a few things your organization must sort out before getting started – and keep in mind a few tips to follow along the way. To make the transition easier for you, here are a few best practices to adopt as you partner with staffing agencies in 2022.

  1. Talk It Out

Communication is key in every part of the staffing process, but especially up front. Before trying to identify your staffing agency, get clear alignment on your organization’s status internally. Be prepared to share the business’ long-term needs, short-term goals, and any budgetary restrictions. The more context you can share at the beginning of the relationship with your staffing agency, the more precisely your partner can deliver the right results – which is the talent you need.

  1. Zoom In and Focus

The most efficient way to choose a recruitment partner is to home in on staffing agencies that only serve your organization’s specific industry. (For construction project management and non-clinical healthcare, that’s us!) Narrowing down the field ensures you’re tapping into hands-on experience in hiring for these types of roles, and, in some cases, first-hand experience being employed in these roles. The more specialized the agency, the more streamlined the hiring process will be. And don’t forget that honesty is always the best policy, so don’t hesitate to share feedback and perspectives throughout the process.

  1. Prepare For Landing

This last tip is always crucial, whether you’ve used a staffing agency or not: Prepare your organization for a new hire. From allocating the necessary budget to having conversations with team members about onboarding, our team at Far West is happy to walk our clients through all the odds and ends of getting set up for a new hire. Taking the time to make these preparations before the new employee’s first day helps ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Next Steps

Whether your organization is ready to hire a staffing agency or your team is still gearing up, keeping these tips top of mind will save you time and energy. When you’re ready to get staffing for roles in construction or non-clinical healthcare, we’re ready to get started in finding the talent you need.

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